WARN’s New Wonder Winch!

Photo Credit: ExpeditionPortal.com

Photo Credit: ExpeditionPortal.com

WARN has recently released their latest generation of the ZEON winch! Over the course of the last couple of years WARN has been tacitly polling consumers about what they want to see in a winch and how they wished their winch would perform in real world situations. WARN has released a number of prototype models that have been evaluated by their production team in conjunction with consumers to evaluate the winches effectiveness. These prototypes have since been modified to accommodate exactly what consumers are looking for and the result is the brand-new ZEON series winch.

This brawny winch features an aluminum body and is offered in three trim levels. The first showcases a traditional steel rope with a load capacity of 8000lbs while the successive models offer 10 and 12,000 pound capacities. The 8 and 10,000 pound models can also be equipped with WARN’s Spydura synthetic rope, a ballistic nylon sliding chafe sleeve, and a polished aluminum Hawse fairlead. The standard model comes with a control pack on top of the winch however; a relocation kit is also available. A winch rope cover is also available as an accessory to protect the rope from the elements. Pricing starts at about $999.00 for the ZEON 8 and all the way up to $1349.00 for the top of the line ZEON 10-S. The ZEON series winch is also produced right here in the United States so no need to outsource your money to an economy that you don’t support!

Credit: Emmett Vick and expeditionportal.com


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