The 2012 Ducati Diavel Carbon Ultimate

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Muscular, powerful, and sophisticated. These three words explain what the Diavel is all about. Ducati’s DNA is founded in design, technology, and performance. This motorbike brings together three words that were seemingly impossible to join. The design and performance of the Diavel reflect the likes of a sport bike with 162hp and a 107 kilo dry weight. The dynamic and the agility is of a naked bike whereas the comfort and finish are consistent with a custom bike. This unique marriage has been brought together by Ducati’s design team and a slew of technological feature such as: ABS traction control, hands-free ignition, and for the first time on a production bike, a color rider information display. The Diavel is offered in two trim models which include a “Carbon” model (the one reviewed here) and a standard model.

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The Diavel features a liquid cooled engine that is transplanted from the 1198 super bike, with essentially the same configuration that currently resides on the Multistrada but fitted with a different exhaust that produces another 12 horsepower. To put the power to the ground the Diavel has three different riding modes: sport, urban, and touring. Urban mode features 100hp and allows for more interaction with the traction control and is best suited for riding on slick roads or with day to day cruising. Switch things over to touring and this frees up 62 more horsepower with slightly less interaction with the traction control. In sport mode the Diavel comes alive and has very little traction control while still maintaining a reasonable level of safety. The Diavel features a very comfortable riding position and showcases a very agreeable thick foam seat that is slung low for optimal comfort. Considering the Diavel makes 162hp from its L-twin engine, some consumers may be concerned with its vibration output, this however is not an issue on this bike. There is little vibration translated through the seat or the handlebars which makes the Diavel a very capable long term cruiser. This bike however, is not a “cruiser” in the sense that it can’t handle, the Diavel is, in contrast, very sharp and capable. It is however, a fairly long bike so it handle’s very differently in comparison to Ducati’s Monster and is not quite as nimble nor does its steering feel quite as precise. In order to encourage maximum precision the Diavel showcases a large 240 rear tire that is cut at a very sharp angle in order to assist in cornering and maneuverability. This tire was designed by Pirelli specifically for this bike and really bolsters the motorbikes drivability.

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Almost everything on the bike is aluminum or carbon fiber and showcases very little plastic whatsoever while fit and finish is top notch. The bike is very solid from both an aesthetic point of view and also from a riding point of view. The Diavel falls in a sport bike category that unsaturated with competition. Since the Diavel is neither a cruiser nor a true sport bike, it falls somewhere in between. Some purists may not be as enthused about this bike as new comers to motorcycling. It is rumored that Ducati has produced this bike to draw new riders into motorsport and isn’t necessarily targeted to seasoned riders. None the less I love this bike and it vastly intrigues me. The Ducati Diavel retails for $19,995 and is a tremendous value. I would love to own the latest Diavel Carbon and hopefully will at some point. Thanks for reading and stay driven!!!

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