2013 Pagani Huayra

Photo Credit: netcarshow.com

Photo Credit: netcarshow.com

For 2013 Pagani Automobili offers their latest automotive erotica in the form of the Huayra (pronounced WHY-RUH). The Huayra is Pagani’s most recent family addition that’s pure supercar exclusivity and raw power appropriately reflect its namesake, “Huayra” which delineates from the Andean god of wind. Equipped with a 720hp twin-turbo V-12, the Huayra harnesses tornadic drafts with its motorized body panels that move to plant the Huayra firmly to the ground.

Photo Credit: netcarshow.com

Photo Credit: netcarshow.com

Since Pagani’s conception, the company has produced a miniscule 135 cars, each hand-tailored to the customers desires and Horacio Pagani’s specifications. Most of these vehicles are versions of the flagship Zonda with only 10 U.S. bound Huayra’s to date. Each Pagani is a hand-crafted machine with an OCD sufferer’s attention to detail. From the Huayra’s soy-bean inspired side mirrors to the perfectly aligning carbon fiber fibers, Pagani Automobili knows how to impress.

Photo Credit: caranddriver.com

Photo Credit: caranddriver.com

The Huayra showcases 15 different types of carbon fiber in its construction and weighs a scant 3200lbs. Even the bolts throughout the Huayra’s suspension are made of grade-7 titanium indexed to be Pagani logo face up upon installation. The attention to detail is impressive and the measures taken to reduce weight are even more so. The carbon fiber in the Huayra is some of the thinnest carbon fiber in the world that was engineered to reduce resin and therefore save weigh even more dramatically.

Photo Credit: caranddriver.com

Photo Credit: caranddriver.com

Mechanically, the Huayra features a 6.0 liter V-12 twin-turbo that was custom built for Pagani by Mercedes-Benz AMG. The engine produces 720hp and 738ft-lbs of torque. To keep all that power planted Pagani has designed an aerodynamic system that raises and lowers panels to cope with lateral g, braking, and acceleration. As a result, the Huayra handles like it’s on rails and seems to have no perceivable breaking point. You push the Huayra and the Huayra pushes back.

Photo Credit: rumors.automobilemag.com

Photo Credit: rumors.automobilemag.com

Even the interior is relentlessly detailed with comfortable seats and a dash machined from a single piece of aluminum. The gauge cluster is reminiscent of a fine watch with numerals etched into the face of the gauges, that may not be easy to read, but are beautiful to look at. I know if I were buying a Huayra my first concern would not be about the speed limit, but how fast I could push it.

Photo Credit: netcarshow.com

Photo Credit: netcarshow.com

To me, the Huayra provides the purest driving experience this side of the universe. Not only is the Huayra a super-exotic, but Pagani’s attention to detail sets this car in a class of its own. Each Huayra is produced over the course of three months employing about 53 technicians to assemble the vehicle to precise specifications. Next year Pagani will be moving to a larger facility that will allow for doubled yearly production to 40 units per year.


Base Price: $1,070,500

Engine: Twin-Turbocharged SOHC 36 valve 6.0 liter V-12

Horsepower: 720hp

Torque: 738 ft-lbs


0-60 mph: 3.0 seconds

Standing ¼ mile: 10.9 seconds

Top Speed: 224 mph

Fuel Economy: 10 city, 14 highway

The video showcases an in depth look into the Pagani factory and the detail that is put into each car. Enjoy!

Credits: Emmett Vick and CarandDriver.com



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