The Genesis

This film showcases a Genesis Coupe with a rich history. These wheels were once stolen and have now been returned culminating up to this film. Andrew Linga says it best: “Last year, I ran across a facebook post about someone who had their wheels stolen out here in Hawaii. I shared the post and thought nothing else of it. A good friend of mine then called me the next day saying they think they found the wheels that were stolen. My buddies and I quickly phoned the guy who lost his wheels, Jon Jon, and set ourselves up to try and buy these wheels we ended up finding on Craigslist. A long story short, we got the wheels back by setting up a sting with the local law enforcement and got them back to the rightful owner that night!

After that, Jon Jon and my buddies quickly became friends as we all shared the same enthusiasm in cars and such. We even ended up filming this short “quickie” as it was late in the day and didn’t have too many locations planned. We were suppose to add my 370z in the mix but we all got hungry…

Badass car, awesome stance, and great friend… Cheers buddy!” Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “The Genesis

  1. I planned on getting one of these, especially after seeing them in Korea. Sadly they were never imported to the UK. The nearest I got was a bright red V6 coupe bought new in 2006, good car lousy dealership.

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