1972 BMW 2002

This is a story of a father and sons love for cars, BMW’s and especially the classic 2002. Patrick Burns’ 1972 model is a particularly interesting example and reflects the passion behind it that he and his father share. It’s not perfect, but that’s not the point, it’s enjoyed everyday and is still going strong after 40 years on the road. Wendell and Patrick are great guys, their dedication to cars is infectious and it has been a pleasure getting to know them. Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “1972 BMW 2002

  1. THANK YOU GUYS! I really appreciate what Patrick and Wendell are trying to do with the protection of the 2002’s legacy. My first experience with the ‘O’Duce’ was with my brother’s ’68 when he was teaching at NYU, where he bought a cherry red ‘box’ at Hoffman Motors. We went up to the races at Lime Rock one weekend, and all the way up to the circuit ran with a gaggle of Porsche wonks that the little Bimmer easily dusted. Along the way I had a chance to drive the car, and as soon as my skinny butt hit the seat, I immediately fell in love. Now nearly 50 years later, and three Bimmers later (2 5s and an M3), I still want my own ’02 ‘rocket box.’

    • That’s awesome…thanks for sharing your story. That’s what I love about classic cars…the memories that they evoke. I’ve wanted a 2002 for awhile myself. I found a pretty clean one the other day on Craigslist but am unfortunately unable to afford it at the moment. At any rate, chase that dream prracewire!! Have a good one. Thanks for following!

    • It really is a special day when you brush up against an old BMW or a classic Porsche, or whatever; the knowledge that a car has been around for so long, passed down from generation to generation and the realization that you’re standing next to, or sitting in a real piece of historical value… That feeling is unmatched, the emotion that you feel when you’re driving an old car just takes you back to a different time, a simpler time. Glad you enjoyed the film.

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