The Bugs

During my recent road trip to Atlanta I got the chance to meet Morgan and his ”new” build, one sick old beetle like you’ve never seen before. The day was pretty much random as we just met at his home and start filming from there. After taking some pictures at another place his friend Drew met us with his own beetle for some rolling shot footage. Everything went well except that I quickly learned that Georgia state patrol don’t like to see someone *almost* in the trunk of a car filming on the highway… Enjoy! –From KSP-Productions

If you would like to learn about the history of the Beetle, read my article titled “The People’s Car”.


2 thoughts on “The Bugs

    • Promoting rolling rust… These guys are all about the patina and appreciating their bugs in their current form, but any true enthusiast knows a project car is never done. Have a great day prracewire! Thanks for stoppin by!

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