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Driven is a blog authored by Emmett Vick. This blog highlights the ups and downs of the automotive industry and showcases past, present, and future automobiles on the market. “Automotive culture is what drives me. I am happy to answer any, and all automotive questions one could fathom. Thanks for your interest in my blog!!!” -Emmett

If you have enjoyed my blog PLEASE endorse me on LinkedIn.com and add me as well!!! I love making new professional acquaintances!!! The following is a link to my LinkedIn accountโ€ฆ http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=255679885&trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile

The following link is to our 2013 Annual Report: https://dr1ven.wordpress.com/2014/01/24/2013-in-review/


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  1. Howdy…I wanted to thank you for the feedback….love this site….my son has been clicking around on it as well. If you are ever in some downtime, I am always looking for some feedback on some of the other blogs on my site. I am new so not that many…..thanks again and great job with this site!

  2. Absolutely… It’s always nice to know that someone out there is reading what you’re producing. Even little comments serve as literary motivation. I appreciate your interest in my blog and it encourages me to strive to produce the best of my abilities. I hope you and your son continue to visit and I will certainly follow what your blogs are up to!!! Thanks for the words of encouragement!!!

  3. Hi Emmett, thank you for reading my text on Midnight in Paris. I’m not into cars… although I could drive the jazzy one from the film. As soon as I’ll expand my knowledge on the automotive world or I’ll read a novel with a hint of it, I’ll let you know. Good luck with your blog which already looks impressive!

    • Sounds good!! But fair enough, we all have our interests… I enjoyed your post and hope you can at least enjoy my blog from a spectators viewpoint. There’s always more to learn!! I’m always interested in learning about new subjects although cars are certainly my passion. Thanks for your interest and keep up the good work!! Always enjoyable to correspond with fellow bloggers!!!

  4. Hi Emmett! Thanks for visiting and following my blog “Eyes to Heart.” It’s always nice to know I’ve some how made an impact. … A lot of excitement in our household right now as we await the arrival of our Tesla S. ๐Ÿ™‚ Stay tuned! … Enjoy the ride! Dorothy ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yeah definitely! It always feels good to get feedback!! But nice!! The Tesla S is a very technologically advanced car, I’ll have to do a review of one if I get the chance!

    • Absolutely! But yeah, if you ever have a car question I would be happy to help!! And thank you, pictures help make things more interesting (especially when you write about cars with sometimes technical dialogue that can lose readers, the pictures keep those with waning interest reading).

  5. Thanks for stopping by and liking my post ‘Off The Beaten Track’. Loving the site, my all-time favourite has to be the classic e-type Jag, nothing better, although I do love the old Rover 3.5. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yeah I enjoyed looking over your blog! But great! The E-Type is a timeless classic. In fact, that’s my fathers favorite car…he used to drive an MGB but I know he’s always wanted a Jaguar.

  6. We enjoyed checking out your blog. Thanks for checking out our blogging of the children’s chapter book, “Jake, Little Jimmy and Big Louie.” We hope you’ll continue to follow the story. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Gayle and Ian Moore-Morrans

    • Hey thanks Phil!!! I’m glad you can still appreciate my blog although you’re no longer being behind the wheel… But absolutely, it was very interesting! Best wishes to you as well my friend!!!

  7. Emmett (great name!), thanks for stopping by http://www.chasingrabbitholes.com. As always, it allows me to find you and I’m so glad I did. My comments on phone and cars being inanimate objects, your site reminds me of a good friend’s passion for racecars – and he was/is very much into corvettes – he had raced ’em and had his baby – sunny days only! Your site reminds me of the good times we shared. He’s retired now so I’m not as informed as he used to keep me – now, I’ve got you! Best ~ HuntMode

    • Thanks Huntmode!!! Its always fun to explore other peoples blogs and make new friends while doing so!! I’m glad you enjoyed looking over my blog…its really fulfilling to hear the memories that my blog conjures up as well as what people associate with certain posts. For me, cars aren’t just a means of transportation but also an emotional experience that brings me back to simpler times. Cars are nostalgic, and for me they bring me to a place that reminds me of my childhood. It’s great to hear from you and if you’ve ever got any automotive questions I’d be happy to answer them…or just chat. Have a great day!! -Emmett

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    You’ve got a nice one here. I’m kinda into cars myself, my dream car is a Mercedes Benz SLS AMG; a bit unrealistic, but it’s a dream for a reason.


  9. Glad you made your way to my site and liked what I wrote about my Lucille. I know she’s not much, but she’s mine and I love her. And it’s nice to find a well-done car blog, too.

    Sorry if it sounds like I’m shilling, but seeing as though you like both cars and photography, you might enjoy these pictures from I put up from the vintage festival at Lime Rock this past year.




  10. Thanks for liking Click for Confusion – very kind of you. Great photography on your site! Eons ago I transported (as in “drove very fast”) Corvettes cross country to deliver to buyers – one awesome job!

    • That’s awesome!!! I currently work for a Volvo dealer and we utilize a team of drivers to deliver vehicles to our customers! We couldn’t do it without them! Have a great one Patti!!!

  11. thanks for stopping by and liking my insane weekend story! One day when I have time I hope to polish it up, but I had to get it down ‘on paper’ while it was still fresh in my mind.
    I LOVE cars especially 1920-1940’s and the muscle cars of the 60-70’s.

    • Well either way it was a good read! But cool! I love classic American muscle (and modern American muscle as well)… Truly, I just love cars that are different than what you tend to see on the roads these days (something other than bland Corolla’s and Camry’s). Me being a car guy, there’s nothing I appreciate more than seeing something unique that someone has taken pride in… Anywho, nice talking with you!!

    • Thank you!! All of the articles are my own organic material and many of the pictures are mine as well. Some of my pictures are from photographers that are colleagues of mine and others are simply from photographers that have granted me permission to use their images. Most of the auto show images are mine whereas a lot of the photos that complement my articles are from outside sources. But that’s great!!! I’m always happy to welcome another individual that shares my passion into the blogosphere!! I will be sure to explore and follow your new blog!! I hope you enjoy my blog and I would be happy to entertain any questions you may have!! Have a great day!!!

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