2012 Aston Martin DBS Carbon Black Edition

Photo Credit: autoblog.com

Photo Credit: autoblog.com

Aston Martin’s product line has changed for 2013 making the Vanquish Aston’s bread and butter volume vehicle in contrast to the current DBS line. However, the DBS still attracts our attention with the latest Carbon Black Edition that is dressed in a shimmering, metal flaked pearl black paint. Aston Martin tells us the paint requires a 50-man-hour shift to complete the job.

Photo Credit: autoblog.com

Photo Credit: autoblog.com

The DBS was never the ugly kid in school and this latest limited edition definitely doesn’t disappoint. The new paint job and heightened exclusivity serve as a catalyst to re-excite DBS loyalist’s enthusiasm. The Carbon Black Edition carries a $249,291.00 dollar base price which ensures the Jones next door probably won’t have one. Not to mention the buffet of options that can drive the price up another three thousand or so.

Photo Credit: autoblog.com

Photo Credit: autoblog.com

The Carbon Black Edition features the standard 5.9 liter V12 wrapped in an entirely carbon body that yields a curb weight of only about 3929 lbs. This makes for a spritely driving experience and plenty of sexy appeal for the whole neighborhood to jealously enjoy from their patios. The DBS’s carbon body drapes itself over the Aston’s bulging muscles like an under armor shirt on a frat boy hopped up on steroids…without the risk of feeling like you’ve been taken advantage of. With 510hp sitting under the hood and 420 ft-lbs of torque on tap, the DBS delivers on what it sets out to accomplish. Unique to the Carbon Black Edition are the blackened dual tailpipes, 20-inch wheels trimmed in black, a darkened front grill, taillights trimmed in black, various interior trim pieces made black, and a 13 speaker Bang & Olufsen sound system. Imagine Ulrich Bez, CEO for the Aston brand, with a Midas touch except everything turns to a high gloss black finish instead of gold.

Photo Credit: autoblog.com

Photo Credit: autoblog.com

The Carbon Black Edition races to 60mph in only 4.3 seconds and 100mph in 9.7 seconds. The DBS reaches a ¼ mile in 12.7 seconds which is .7 seconds faster than the number one slowest car of 2012, the Mitsubishi i MiEV makes it to 60mph. The DBS’s six-speed automatic is sublimely calibrated for performance maneuvers and features a pair of paddles shifters that encourage manual shifting. The steering wheel has an extremely connected feeling translating every imperfection in the road through to the driver. The connection can be abrasive at times but is welcomed in a world of synthetic, disconnected driver feel.

Photo Credit: autoblog.com

Photo Credit: autoblog.com

Conclusively, the DBS Carbon Black Edition is a beautifully appointed vehicle with violent acceleration married to a playful chassis with everyday creature comforts. To me, the DBS has always been more of a touring car versus a true sports car but none-the-less the DBS makes for an exuberant dance partner when pushed to the limit. Even though the Vanquish is now defined as Aston Martin’s flagship, the DBS still deserves a test drive before you vanquish your bank account by $277,576.00 dollars, the payment required for a base 2013 Vanquish.

Photo Credit: autoblog.com

Photo Credit: autoblog.com


Engine: DOHC 48-valve V-12, aluminum block and heads, port fuel injection

Horsepower: 510hp

Torque: 420 ft-lbs


0-60mph: 4.3 seconds

Standing ¼ mile: 12.7 seconds

Top Speed: 174mph

Fuel Economy: 12/18 mpg

Credits: Emmett Vick and CarandDriver.com


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