All of the written texts in this blog are the original material of Emmett Vick.

Many of the photographs are the copyrighted work of Emmett Vick, however there are various photographs that are from external photographers. One should note that these photos are credited but may not have copyright permission. If a photo has not been credited accordingly and you know who took it, please let me know to whom it belongs so that I can give them credit for their work. If you are a photographer and see your own work on my page please contact me and I would be happy to take any photos down, credit them accordingly, or work a deal for use in conjunction with each other. I appreciate all of the photographers and videographers that help to bolster my blogs literary material. -Emmett Vick

If anyone feels I have infringed any copyright laws I would be happy to indulge any claims, concerns, or comments. There are some photographs on this blog that have not received copyright permission. Those that have not received permission did not for these reasons:

The Four Factors of Fair Use Copyright Exemptions (Bold font is the reasoning applied to the situation)

1.)    Purpose and Character

Favors Fair Use

Tipping Factor

Favors Permission









For Profit



News Reporting

2.)    Nature of Work

Favors Fair Use

Favors Permission





3.)    Amount

Favors Fair Use

Favors Permission

Small Amount

Large Amount

Amount used is not significant to work

Amount used is heart of work

4.)    Market Effect

Favors Fair Use

Favors Permission

No major impact

Major impact

Licensing/Permissions unavailable

Licensing/Permissions available

Limited/Restricted access to work

Work is made available to the world

User/Institution owns legal copy

Use is repeated or long term


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