In The News: Falken Drift Sets World Record

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The Falken Drift team was recently inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records for setting the new speed record for drifting. Falken team driver Lars Verbraeken achieved a speed of 111.59mph while maintaining a 45 degree angle for a distance of over 50 meters. Verbraeken accomplished this feat driving his BMW E30 equipped with none other than Falken’s famed drift tires. Verbraeken stated that “I am delighted to hold the record as fastest drifter. Falken’s high performance tires helped me achieve total control of my BMW on track.”

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Following this record setting event, Falken’s success continued at the British Drifting Champoionship when Remmo Niezen  placed first in the Super Pro Class. Held at Knockhill in Scotland on September 30th, the event showcased Falken’s exceptionally talented drivers and Falken’s innovation through their athletic tire characteristics and consistent burn rate.

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